Choice of courses

The curriculum includes the titles of the compulsory, compulsory elective and elective courses, their content, their weekly hours of study, the ECTS, and the timing or interdependence of these courses. It meets the normal attendance conditions, adapted to the minimum number of semesters required to obtain the diploma. According to the law (article 14 of law 3549) students are not allowed to choose and study compulsory upper semester courses if they have not successfully passed a compulsory course of a lower semester, the knowledge of which, according to a decision of the General Assembly of the School is scientifically necessary for attending and successfully examining compulsory upper semester courses ("prerequisite" courses). However, the School of Civil Engineering did not consider the existence of compulsory courses, knowledge of the content of which is considered a prerequisite for understanding the content of other semesters. Thus, the distribution of six-month courses in semesters is considered indicative, and there is no requirement for successful examination in a specific course for attending another. This gives flexibility to students to choose a course other than that indicated by the curriculum.

The student in each semester has the obligation to select the courses of his/her preference by submitting an application to the electronic secretariat. This application is only available online.

The number of courses that each student can select at the beginning of the winter semester of each academic year is up to nwinter.semester .+ m, Where: n is the number of six-month courses to be taught in that semester according to the curriculum and m a number less than or equal to 6. Accordingly, the number of courses he / she can choose in the spring semester of the same academic year are: nspring.semester.+ 6 – m. With this setting, the total annual maximum number of courses remains constant and equal to: nwinter.semester + nspring.semester+ 6. Specifically, students of the 9th and 10th semesters of studies have the possibility to register up to 15 courses of corresponding semester in each semester. Graduate students have the ability to select any courses they want in the winter or spring semester respectively.

The student every semester is free, within the total number of courses he/she will choose, to select courses from any semester, if they are taught in the corresponding period (winter or spring). It goes without saying that in the total number of courses the student may also include courses of previous semesters in which he/she has failed. Through the same e-service, the student has the opportunity to be informed about the grade of the courses he/she has studied. During the semester the student will attend the courses he/she has selected and he/she has the right to be examined. Changes to the course statement are made only upon request, which the student may submit to the general assembly of the department and only if it is accepted. The application may be submitted not later than one month before the beginning of the February examination period for the courses in the winter semester and until one month before the beginning of the June examination period for the spring semester courses. The student cannot attend courses he/she did not include in his/her application for the semester, even if some of them are courses he/she had previously selected and failed in the exam.

Students who are transcribed from other Greek Universities are given the opportunity to recognize courses that have been taught and successfully examined in their School of origin. Recognition of the courses is made by decision of the General Assembly of the Department, as the case may be, and the students are exempted from examining courses of the School’s curriculum may be registered in a different semester from their registration.