The Library is housed in the new building extension of the School of Civil Engineering, Building E10

The Library is organized in compliance with the Regulation of the Library & Information Centre of the Aristotle University. The School of Civil Engineering reserves the financial resources required for the Library’s infrastructure and maintenance.

The main task of the Library is the promotion and support of the curriculum of the School of Civil Engineering (undergraduate and postgraduate courses) and the academic research. This goal is being accomplished with the deployment of all the available resources, both those intended for the maintenance, development and circulation of the library material, and that of the provision of access to a number of electronic sources aimed for academic research and study (Electronic subscriptions, AUTh Research Output)

The Library is directly supervised by the Library Committee [,el/], appointed by the General Assembly of the School of Civil Engineering. The Committee consists of Faculty Members of the School with the participation of the lead LibrarianΔ

Opening hours
Monday – Friday: 08.00 – 15.00

Tel: 2310 995749
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Services provided

Registration (concerns all members of the School)

For registration to the Library all members of the School should make a request at the Library Desk, bringing their Academic Identity Card and their academic Account (e-mail). The issued Library Account is then accessible only via the Academic ID Card which is valid at all libraries of the University.
Please note, the Academic ID Card is valid for the time period the member retains his/her academic status (e.g. undergraduate student, postgraduate student, etc.) and identification is not associated with any other additional privileges (eg. use at public transport).

Book loan and renewals

All registered members have particular rights for book loan and renewals, accordingly to their academic status, as approved by the Library Regulation. Main terms include:

  • Undergraduate students may borrow up to 6 books for a loan period of 15 days. The loan can be renewed up to 2 times, provided that the books are: 1. Not overdue and, 2. Not in reservation. After the second renewal the member must return the item at the Library Desk but still reserves the right for a new loan for the same item (provided that it is not in reservation)
  • Postgraduate and PhD students may borrow up to 15 books for an extended period of 30 days. Renewals follow the same restrictions as above
  • Faculty members and other teaching staff may borrow up to 15 books for a loan period of 60 days. Renewals follow the same restrictions as above
  • In case of overdue items all library members are subjected to fines. According to the Library Regulation the fine amounts to 0,30 € /d per item
  • All library members are responsible for the proper use of the material they borrow and are required to be able to return it to the Library when recalled. Therefore, removal of items abroad or remote areas of the country is prohibited due to timely return. In case of ruin, damage or loss of the material, the library member is responsible for maintenance or replacement.

Use of computers for bibliographic and scientific research

Aiming to meet the research needs of its users, the Library offers a number of computers on site. Users can enter the computers by using their academic account (user name and password) as required for authority identification in the local network.


There is 1 copier machine which operates with prepaid cards. Users can buy the cards from the Library Desk. Photocopying is governed by the current legislation on protection of intellectual property which limits the entire reproduction of a published work and restricts reproduction only for private use and personal research.

Policy for submitting Thesis in Library

Undergraduate Thesis

Students must submit a copy of their thesis in electronic format (CD / DVD) in hard case with printed cover that will bring the following information: University, Faculty, Department, Laboratory - Title – Student’s name - Name of supervisor - Year of deposit (examination).

Exceptions are the students whose thesis was examined before 2010. In such a case, you must submit to the library, only the relevant Certificate signed by the supervisor.

Postgraduate or Doctoral Thesis

Students must submit a copy of their thesis in printed form ONLY if they declare in the submitting document that they want their electronic thesis file submitted at the Central Library Service, to remain at the base locked for 3 years. After 3 years, the hard copy is withdrawn from the Library Department.

These steps are required for obtaining the Certificate from the Library to be submitted by students to the Secretariat for their graduation. This Certification also refers to the student's obligations towards the University Libraries (return books and paying fines).

Restrictions and warnings

Users are prohibited to consume food or beverages or act improperly inside the Library.

Due to security reasons the Library staff does not accept personal belongings for safekeeping, such as bags, suitcases, laptops, overcoats, etc.

In case of a sudden /unscheduled closing of the Library, due to special circumstances, all unattended personal belongings of the visitors will remain locked in the Library until next opening.

Personal belongings that are not claimed by their owners for more than 24 hours may be delivered to the doorman’s desk located at the main building of the School or any other place indicated by the Secretary of the School.

The Library is not responsible for the loss of personal property brought into the building.

Special services

Education – Seminars

The Library Training service offers all AUTh community members a series of seminars that are repeated every month all through the academic year and relate to:

  • AUTh Library electronic sources and services
  • Creation of a personal electronic bibliography
  • Plagiarism and other Intellectual property issues
  • Presentation of the AUTh Library online learning environment (

Apart from the scheduled seminars, other seminar adopted to students needs are offered by request of the teaching staff.

Interlibary Loan

Users can request books and journal articles for interlibrary loan from collaborating libraries in Greece and abroad. The Service is charged and the fee is arranged accordingly, depending on the format, quantity and place of origin. Requests can be made either electronically by using option “Ask us” on the library site or, in person at the Front Desk of the Scientific Reading Room (New Building of the University Library).

Especially for requests concerning journal articles located in academic libraries and organizations in Greece, the Service is also offered by the Library of Civil Engineering.

Access to electronic sources

Recommended Open Access Sources