Diploma thesis

Diploma thesis is a scientific work prepared by the student in the last (10th) semester for completing his/her studies and obtaining his/her diploma. The aim is to help him/her systematize and apply the knowledge he/she has gained from his/her studies and, on the other hand, to deepen on a particular subject. At the same time, diploma thesis is the first extensive technical and scientific text, which is to be compiled by the future civil engineer according to a scientific methodology. The student should relate the subject of the diploma thesis to one or more of the subject areas of the direction (division) chosen. It may also be related to the subject areas covered by more than one divisions, if its main part is covered by the subject of the division chosen by the student.

Diploma thesis is assigned to a student or to a small group of students (not more than three) from one or more divisions of the school to the extent that the amount of the required work is large or the requirements of the subject matter impose it. The three-member committees for monitoring and examining diplomatic thesis are defined by the divisions, upon a proposal of the Supervisors and approved by the Assembly of the Department. Students of the 9th and 10th semesters have the opportunity to submit to the secretariat a statement on the supervisor of the diploma thesis from 1 to 15 December. The secretariat sends to each division a list with the names of the students and their respective supervisors. By decision of the Division Assembly a three-member examination committee is proposed for each student and approved by the Assembly of the Department.

The presentation and examination of the diploma thesis is conducted public in a special open event of each division during the specified dates of each examination period in the presence of the three-member committees, other members of the school, students and any interested party. The event is organized under the responsibility of the division directors who prepare the presentations program. The presentation of each dissertation takes a predetermined time.

The evaluation of the diploma thesis is based on the completeness of its content, the degree of response to the requirements of the subject and the instructions of the supervisor, the aesthetic quality of the deliverables and the successful oral presentation and examination. In case of group work, the grade of each member of the group may vary depending on his or her participation and performance in the preparation and presentation of the work. A successful degree in diploma thesis is considered to be higher than 5.0 and equates to the value of 12 courses.